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We highly recommend feeding raw food or a holistic kibble (dry dog food).  You can go to the internet and search on holistic dog foods and find many.  We currently feed and recommend Taste of The Wild.

  • BisonVenison made by Diamond Dog Food Company (yes, I know that company used to be the pits for dog food but this dog food now has a 5 star (the best) rating) or Origen as being the closest to raw food as any “cooked” kibble could be in that they use real meat in their dog foods.  Don’t be fooled by meat “meal” or fat in a kibble (those are not real meat – and in a dry dog food 80% of the meat is liquid which is reduced to 20% when cooked which is why I do not care for kibble and prefer the raw food.)
  • For puppies I feed them the raw food meatballs about three to four times a day.  I also feed a pureed lowfat cottage cheese or lowfat yogurt, raw beef (do not feed hamburger – just feed washed and clean
    inexpensive roast meat and heart, tongue, liver).  Never use pure liver – it is laxative.

I advise against using a grocery store dog food or other “commercial dog foods.”  These dog foods contain “things” you would not consciously feed your dog.  Most commercial dog foods come from 3 major human food companies.  Products not fit for human consumption are put in dog food - something most of us would consider “garbage” (a liability) is made into profits (an asset) via dog food.  Deceased animals from vet clinics and “dead wagons” that pick up dead farm animals or road kill and other similar facilities not cremated end up in our pet food.  Flea collars, topical pesticides, antibiotics used to try to save the lives of these animals also end up in our dog food. Chemicals used to preserve dog foods such as BHT and BHA and Ethoxyquin are not something I want to feed my dogs.  We do not need growth hormones or antibiotics in our dog foods.  Also many commercial dog foods have dried beet pulp or added sugars or molasses for “taste.”  These sugars are addictive.  Good holistic dog food will list chicken meat, or lamb meat (and at least 25% protein needs to come from real meat) not from “animal by products.”  If this meat
comes from free ranging animals or birds, the need for high consumption of antibiotics to keep these animals alive is lessened

  • Confined animals have a much higher need for antibiotics.  Because all dog food undergoes some kind of heat process (steam excursion for most commercial dog foods or baked for the holistic dog foods), added
    vitamins minerals are a good thing.  Because heat destroys nutrients, I highly recommend and that is why I feed a raw food diet .
  • There is no cooked food in my raw food diet and no grains.  These holistic foods are usually not going to cause allergies since they do not have “the toxic mix” many commercial foods have.  Our dogs should also live longer and healthier being fed a good raw or holistic dog food
  • I encourage you to do your research and make your choice.   The digestibility of the holistic dog foods are usually much higher than commercial dog foods.  Flint River dog food is 93% digestible (I do not know of another dog food that has a higher digestibility percentage.   So it is actually cheaper to feed a raw or holistic dog food because of your dog’s ability to utilize most of hisher intake. And its pooh on raw food diet disintegrates like a powder The dog also needs less food.  A good dog food has no grains in it and has real meat.


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