Care Tips


To prevent front leg injury to toy breed dogs

Pick puppies and adults up by putting your hand under their rib cage with free hand on their backs to steady as you lift.

Prevent puppies and adults from jumping onto and off furniture (especially if they are jumping onto slick or  hard surfaces).  This should prevent injuries to their knees and broken bones. Just teach them that if they are placed on a piece of furniture like a chair or couch that they must stay there until you lift them off and onto the floor.

Also, do not allow your puppy or adult to dash out your door when you open it (it may be okay if it is a back door into a puppy yard, but if it is a front door to street side,  it could be hazardous
to his well being – teach children to not allow the dog or puppy to dash out an open door.

Small children should be encouraged to sit on the floor while learning to hold toy breeds securely and should not carry toy breeds. Toy breeds do not belong in families who have small children unless the children have been carefully parentally trained to respect a toy breeds’ size.  And then great care should be taken that your children’s playmates also know how to treat a toy breed.  Young children are just too young to truly understand.  Toy breeds are for gentle loving.  Families who want a dog to wrestle and rough house with need to choose a larger breed - a much larger breed (even then many breeders of the larger breeds won’t place their puppies in homes with small children).  Too often, small children tease and torment small dogs by pulling their hair or chasing them with sticks.  You may think your child would not do that but it is only natural that children (especially boys) want a “reaction” from a dog.  It is not natural for young children to be nurturing and loving.  When these toy breed dogs are teased and tormented by children, they learn to aggressively dislike (and sometimes attack small children especially if they are moving eratically) small children.  The dog will have two “reaction” options.  It will either run and hide from the child or it will defend itself - neither choice will please parents and the dog will be the loser because the dog will be blamed for the negative behavior, not the child because the parent will not always see what the child has done to provoke the behavior.  Breeders of toy breeds know this and since we feel a decision to bring a dog into the family is a lifetime committment, most will not place a dog in a home where there are small children and an almost certainty that the dog will be displaced.  Some children are marvelous with toy breeds; most are not.

Nails should be trimmed every other week and kept short.  Long nails break down the pasterns and would be equivalent to a person walking painfully with fallen arches.  So it is more “cruel” to let your dog
have long nails than it is to trim the nails often, even if it causes bleeding.  Quick stop will stop the bleeding immediately or flour will act as a coagulant.  Pinching the toe pad immediately above the nail
before and after you clip the nail will slow the flow of blood to the nail.  Apply quick stop before releasing the pinch on the toe.  This method also helps eliminate “foot shyness.”  A low rpm (5,000 to 10,000 rpm) cordless dremmel works well either once the nail is trimmed short or it may be used to file the nails down - you would need to do this every week or every other week in an effort to push back the quick.

If you feel you must use a collar, rolled leather collars work best for long haired breeds because they do not cause hair to matt under them and do not fray the hair like nylon collars do.  A size 10 will work for a puppy and will have enough notches in it to fit the puppy as an adult too.  I do not recommend leaving any collars or harnesses on any dogs unattended because they can “hang” themselves with them. Even for a pet, I recommend training on a figure 8 cat harness and once trained, I recommend leading with a little show lead.  Always take care to keep your Mini Bulldogs away from larger breed dogs; hunting dogs naturally think a Mini Bulldogs is something to kill.  There are some breeds of dogs that do not live together compatibly.  A Mini Bulldogs is a pack breed animal which means they are used to getting along with other Mini Bulldogs. Terriers are dogs used for killing.  Most dogs need a job to do (and if your lifestyle doesn’t give that dog the job heshe was bred to do, then it probably isn’t the breed for you), even if it is just to sit on someone’s lap or guard that body just to make sure it doesn’t get away from them.  Mini Bulldogs are natural retrievers and love to play with
toys and will make their own games to entertain themselves andor you (they must be started playing with toys as young puppies or they won’t know how).  All dogs need stimulus and an environment that will
enhance their intelligence and their physical being.  My pups go through the imprinting, socialization, and enrichment programs as they are growing up here.  This gives them the ability to develop to the utmost of the intellect and makes for the best pets and easy to live with.

For training young show puppy prospects or training pets to lead, we recommend a size 12 figure 8 cat harness.  Teach the dog to come to you for a treat which is half the effort to get them to lead.  DO NOT
Again, we do not recommend leaving this harness on or anything around the neck of an unattended dog.  I repeat, they can catch it on something and hang themselves.

The fine toy dog show leads are recommended, even for pets, because you must take these leads off and not leave them on - used only for “walking” your dog.

If your dog or puppy has dry, flaky skin, one of the following could be the problem

1.  Bacteria - treatable with chlorahexidine or small amount of Clorox in bath water.

2.  Fungus - treatable with iodine scrubs and rinses

3.  Mites - treatable with pyrethrin shampoos left on for 6-10 minutes and then rinsed.  For Mini Bulldogs, I highly recommend Ovitrol or Ovitrol Plus.  Take special care on treating puppies - read the labels.

4.  Lacking linoleic & or linolenic acid - Mirra-coat liquid treatment

5.  Vitamin E is a supplement (to be used in moderation) for good healthy skin

6.  Feeding a good holistic food should prevent or help cure dry, flaky skin.

Puppies need to be at least 10 weeks of age and up to 16 weeks and sometimes longer before they are ready to go to new homes.  They are all individuals and are ready to go in their own time.


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